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Fontan Ixtapa Hotel’s Map, in Ixtapa

Map Hotel in Ixtapa

Consult on the map the exact location of Hotel Fontan Ixtapa, our resort on El Palmar beach, next to the pier and Zihuatanejo bay, one of the most beautiful fishing villages in the Mexican Pacific. To enjoy yourself to the fullest, apart from the famous Playa Dorada beach in Ixtapa, you can also discover fun places to visit as a family like the crocodile farm, Señor Frogs and the bike paths.

Our hotel in Ixtapa is in front of Los Patios shopping mall, from which you can easily visit the main cities in Mexico. You can fly to Zihuatanejo Airport, which is close to the hotel or come by car: from Michoacán and Morelia you will arrive in 3 and a half hours and from Mexico City it is a 7 and a half hour car ride.

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